Seaweed-TECH will produce high quality seaweed in a fully controlled land-based environment, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing reliability in quality and supply.



SeaWeed-TECH produces seaweed in a controlled environment resulting in a raw product, clean from contamination. Pending for what purpose our customers desire to use seaweed, we can supply in different forms:


fine powder

  • Seaweed retrieved from purified seawater cultivation aquaculture installation

  • Tumble dried​

  • Dehydrated

  • Oven dried

  • Powder processed by milling

  • Packaging & ready for shipment



  • Seaweed retrieved from purified seawater cultivation aquaculture installation

  • Tumble dried​

  • Dehydrated

  • Oven dried

  • Cutted into flake size proportion

  • Packaging & ready for shipment


Freshly frozen

  • Seaweed retrieved from purified seawater cultivation aquaculture installation

  • Tumble dried​

  • Deep frozen to -22 Celcius

  • Packaging & ready for shipment


Mission SWT

With a growing population, pressure on earth’s natural system is increasing. At the same time increasing prosperity leads to even higher demands of water, energy and food with large consequences for our climate, and our planet as a whole. 

The increasing demand for protein and hydrocarbon sources is an important theme in climate plans. Seaweed has presented itself as a sustainable alternative for existing resources. Many initiatives are taking place at international, national and regional level to further develop the seaweed value chain. However, currently there is still a large void between the quality and quantities the processing industries require and what is produced. With the start of land-based production of seaweeds, SeaWeed-TECH B.V. aims to provide the industries with a reliable source of high-quality seaweed.

Our Mission:

To provide industries with a reliable source of high-quality seaweed, thereby supporting the development of the seaweed value chain and change towards the use of more sustainable resources. 

Alwin Kool

General Management & Investors

Key characteristics; result driven, energetic, adapter, connector, relationship focused. Alwin has been investment officer at the Dutch development bank FMO. As deal team leader he successfully structured and concluded numerous equity, debt & mezzanine transactions. Before that he worked at the United Nations Environment Program at the chemicals (pesticide) division. Alwin is biologist by profession and is per his background & work experience able to assess sustainable feasibility and is a true “green business” believer. Eco-systems are in his view a mirror for valuable entrepreneurship, i.e. "Nature is neither tender nor stable and always on the move" (see LinkedIn).

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Michel Trommelen

Cultivation, Production and R&D

Michel has a strong background in Marine Biology and Ecology and has focused on aquaculture for the past 10 years with emphasis on shellfish and seaweed cultivation.

In recent years he developed experience with seaweed cultivation with the HZ University, Hortimare, Farms@Sea, and SeaFlavours. Projects include direct seeding of Alaria, Saccharina; cultivation of Kappaphycus and Caulerpa (see LinkedIn).

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Our Journey


SWT will initially grow Ulva varieties in land-based aquaculture systems, using unique technology developed specifically with the help of SWT´s partner companies such as Seakura and Priva. Water quality and -temperature, light conditions, and nutrient provision will be controlled and finetuned to the specific needs of the seaweed species.


In addition, species strains are selected on base of their protein, vitamin and mineral composition, their maximum growth rates, resilience, and ability to reproduce vegetatively.


Optimal conditions in combination with selecting the best performing species strain ensures a constant high-quality product. 

Seaweed will be kept in large tanks which are built according to unique specifications which permit the permanent mixing of the seaweed along with maximum exposure time to both natural & artificial light. Seawater will be extracted from a seawater well in combination with natural seawater from the North Sea or Oosterschelde  (Eastern Scheldt). 


Frequent water quality control in combination with a filter system will ensure that no contaminants will affect the seaweed quality. The water will recirculate in the system with a limited exchange rate so to minimize energy use for heating/cooling and water consumption. 


At the end of the growing period, the seaweed is harvested and transported straight from the growing pools to the packing facility, where it is rinsed and packaged for delivery. The method of harvesting and the packing stages will be carried out according to specific protocols which include vacuum freezing in order to fully preserve the seaweed’s nutritional value. 


SWT will fulfil with the demanding standards regarding heavy metals and organic and biological pollutants. The wastewater leaving the farm will be completely clean. 



Head Office:

SeaWeed-TECH B.V. - Prodock

Moezelhavenweg 9 

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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